Friday, January 22, 2010

Living in a small town in Connecticut, I rarely find an opportunity for adventure. I'm mostly surrounded by farms and suburbs and since I just got my license yesterday I've mostly depended on my parents to drive me places, therefore, I don't often get to go anywhere all that interesting. Tonight, however, was very different.

So today was my friend's birthday. He's an exchange student from Germany and he's leaving at the end of the month. Tonight we threw him a little going away party. The original plan was to meet up with a bunch of friends at this restaurant in New London, that has the best pasta you will find outside of Italy, at least that's what anybody from around here will tell you. The wait there turned out to be super long. Some of the rather dramatic, high maintenance, yet absolutely wonderful people in the group got a bit antsy and decided we should give up on this restaurant and go to the Thai food restaurant one of the girls' parents owns.

My friend Jenny and I were riding together and we arrived at the second restaurant before the rest of the group so we decided to do some exploring until they arrived. Jenny wanted to find this coffee shop she's heard about so we ended up walking around downtown New London for a bit, which tends to be a bit sketchy at night. We never found the coffee shop, but we did pass a guy smoking a blunt, who then proceeded to walk right past a cop car, and since the two of us had just finished up at the gym we had lots of endorphins buzzing around, leaving us rather hyper, we found this really funny. (that's a huge run-on sentence, but I think that just goes to illustrate how hyper I still am so I'm gonna leave it) We also passed this organic restaurant that Jenny and I decided we have to try out at some point because organic food is the way to go, and much more vegetarian friendly than the average restaurant. Anyway, soon after that we figured the rest of the group had probably gotten to the restaurant by now so we headed back to find them waiting for us.

On the topic of being adventurous I had some pretty spicy vegetable curry at the restaurant along with some soup I didn't catch the name of, but it was full of seaweed and tofu which was great. To top it off-- fried coconut ice cream-- honestly I think the only word that properly describes the stuff would be orgasmic. Side note, I love the political conversations I have with my friends, we're all moderately to very liberal, we tend to get pretty excited in political discussions and I'm very proud of the fact that we carry on intelligent conversation rather than talking about nothing all the time.

Back to adventure. After dinner, Jenny and I headed out, hoping yet again to find that coffee shop. Alas, we never did find it. What we did do was get a little lost in New London, but we decided we liked being lost, it was rather exhilarating. So we decided to stay lost. We took loads of back roads, but I couldn't get coffee off my mind so I made jenny stop at a random convenience store so I could get some crappy coffee there, but I didn't care, it was caffeinated. We came across some rather amusing street names during the trip. Jenny, ever the Disney fanatic, was very excited about Cinderella road. We also found a road called rainbow lane, immediately followed by gay hill. Needless to say I know where I'm going to be living when I move out of the house. Except I'm actually getting the fuck out of Connecticut because I need more adventure than an occasional destinationless road trip. So we got ourselves REALLY lost, so we just kept driving until we found a road sign pointing to a familiar highway. This might have been a little less exciting if not for the fact that Jenny had to have me home by 10:45 so that she could get home before curfew. At about 10:15 we were still pretty lost. We were just beginning to get worried when I figured out where we were and by some miracle where we were was only about 15 minutes from my house so we got home with time to spare.

Maybe that wouldn't sound too exciting to somebody who actually leads an interesting life. I however, spend most of my time doing school work and school activities, reading books, and hanging around and talking with my friends. I spend most of my time doing what is expected of me. This makes life easier, the people I have to work with stay happy with me and I'm usually pretty content living that way. However, there is definitely something to be said about diverging from the plan, I try to do so in small ways to keep from losing my mind, and tonight was a somewhat more profound way of doing that and I enjoyed it deeply. I feel like it was an important life experience for me and it's likely to stay with me for a while.