Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So I just got home from rehearsal for Students on Stage-a group of short student written and directed plays- it's rather SNL-esque. The play I'm in is called In Sickness and In Health, it's about a marriage counseling session for fictional characters, I'll be playing Jessica Claus, which i'm incredibly excited about. Rehearsal was a wonderful end to a not so wonderful day.

So I was going to include a little rant about why the day was not so wonderful, but I read it over and realized I sounded incredibly whiny and the things I was complaining about are rather inconsequential. Just a bit of friend drama and school woes, and I feel better since I vented to friends who aren't responsible for the drama, so instead I'm going to talk about how excited I am that there is a half day of school between myself and Christmas break. I plan to do a ton of reading and movie watching and music discovering. I still need to find a few gifts for some friends and am heading out to get that done in a little bit. I need to find really awesome gifts, one friend already gave me my gift and as if I wasn't already aware that she's an amazing person, her gift made it even clearer. She got me a vegetarian cookbook for college students, one of the chapters is titled "avoiding the freshman 15" which I'm sure I will greatly appreciate next year.

Aside from making delicious meat free food, the prospect of college is really exciting to me. I'm really looking forward to living on my own rather than depending on my parents, I haven't really felt like a child for quite some time, so I don't care much for being treated like one. There's also a chance I'm romanticizing the idea of the first few years after college. Call me crazy, but I'm kinda looking forward to surviving in some cheap little apartment with very little money, (picture Pieces of April) I'm quite low maintenance, all I really need is a bed, my beloved lap top named Lolita, and a kitchen and a bathroom. Oh, and a coffee maker of course. But romanticized or not, I'm sure it will be better than living a life that somebody else chose for me.
So that's what's going on in my head right now. Peace!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

hello blogosphere my name is colleen

So I've just decided I want a blog, partially because I don't feel like doing the copious amount of school work that I have waiting for me, and partially because I can be self centered and like talking about my life and am mildly fascinated with the idea of strangers knowing intimate details about my life.

So I guess to begin, a little bit about me; I'm Colleen, I live in a little middle of nowhere town in CT that is extremely boring, but is populated with some really amazing people, so for now I don't mind (of course there are also plenty of people I find less amazing, but that's just life). I'd like to think I see things differently than most people. I have some unorthodox ideas, some of which I can't even make sense of myself, but one of my goals in life is to figure them out before I die.

Another goal of mine is to become a social worker, I'm currently waiting to hear from the colleges I applied to so I can decide where I want to learn to do that. I try to see the beauty in other people. I generally succeed since I think we all come from the same abstract but wonderful thing/person/being most people call God. In case you couldn't tell, my thoughts on religion are one of those unorthodox ideas that I'll probably go into more depth about in a later blog but for now, suffice to say my spirituality is a big part of who I am, and that may seem contradictory since I'm very liberal but I promise it's not.

I would not survive without art. I like to read write listen to music play music and cover my walls in pretty pictures. going back to the whole seeing the beauty in people, I like to try to figure out the world by exploring self-expression, my own and others'. I tend to favour poetry and drawing for my own purposes, but I would love to get a little more variety in there at some point. I don't think anybody is better at turning human beauty into musical beauty than regina spektor. I adore her and I think you should too, whoever you are. There's probably something I've forgotten to mention, but my dad's yelling at me to clean up the house so I have to go.

Until the next time